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About Our Company

BELCHER CONTRACTORS & ROOFING, INC. is a family-owned and operated business, with James Belcher as President and Diana Belcher as Treasurer. We are a State Certified Roofing Contractor and have been a Florida Corporation since February 2004. Prior to incorporating in 2004, James conducted business since 1982 as a DBA under the name of Belcher Roofing. Altogether James has proudly been serving Central and Southeast Florida as a professional roofer for 30 years.

Our support staff at Belcher Contractors & Roofing, Inc. concentrates on assisting and educating our customers of their individual roofing needs, in order to provide quality experience, knowledge, and workmanship. We pride ourselves on using leading edge technologies for estimating, purchasing, scheduling, and overall communication. This, coupled with our commitment to quality service in our field operations, had made us a leader in our industry.

Unlike the average roof company, Belcher Contractors & Roofing, Inc. ensures that you know the reason for your roof's failure by approaching each roof with an engineering/design attitude, looking at its overall function and performance. Belcher Roofing can isolate not only these deficiencies but we also design a corrective measure and install it as part of our roofing service. We stand behind our work and guarantee its function as the solution to your problem; if you are not satisfied, we will correct our work until you are.

Given this detailed approach to roofing, Belcher Contractors & Roofing, Inc. welcomes working with roof consultants or engineers. We believe that by collaborating with other professionals, the collective and interactive roof-design process yields the best possible roof for you. Our technical staff follows the many standard specifications for correct roofing methods and systems, which enables us to ensure a thoroughly professional product that any building manager can rely on.

Our roofing service doesn't end when the job is complete or when we have been paid. Our commitment to our work continues year after year, well beyond the point when other roofers forget about your roof. We provide an annual full roof maintenance inspection and service for every roof we do. Every year we come back and inspect a roof; we provide the owner with a written report of the roof's condition and what, if any, corrective/maintenance is needed at that time. This is an invaluable tool in roofing risk management.

After meeting with one of our technical staff, we believe you too will be able to say, "Belcher Roofing really knows their business," and that you will feel 100% satisfied with the roof system we specify for your building or home.

We want to thank all of our loyal customers who have continued to support us with referrals and their goodwill. It is this interaction between the customer and the serviceman that develops the trust that Belcher Roofing has become known for. We look forward to working with you.